Jasmine duMartre

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Jasmine duMartre
Also known as "Jazz"
Affiliation Canid Cooperative

Jasmine "Jazz" duMartre - Mid thirty-second century Solaris VII Warrior, co-stable leader.

Character History & Description[edit]

A Solaris VII infantry-warrior known as Scrapper. She's a good infantry scout with uncanny reflexes. She was injured and hospitalized in 3134 while fighting with the scrapper team known as Darcy's Divas during a live-fire match. She met Yulri in a match in 3135 and defeated him in one-on-one combat in the Black Hills Urban Combat Zone.[1] She and Yulri decided to team up and developed a relationship while working with the fight promoter Tommy Gunn. They formed the Canid Cooperative, a partnership stable which has its member cross-trained on the co-op's other vehicles and equipment including 'Mechs.[2]

She led the Canid Scrapper team to aid Yulri in his match in the Ishiyama arena during semi-finals in June of 3136. Her team was successful in defeating the illegal actions of a scrapper team known as War Dogs.[3]

She was the second-in command of the Co-op and officially in charge of infantry and training.


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