Jasmine Cross

Jasmine Cross
Affiliation Federated Suns


Jasmine Cross (Born ???? - Died ????) was a military officer in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. During the Jihad, Cross - then a Colonel in the Engineering Corps - wrote a detailed report on the fall of the Fox's Den on New Avalon earlier in the Jihad. Discussing the factors that had enabled the military headquarters within Mount Davion to continue to operate effectively despite the loss of all of the other major surface fortifications, Cross highlighted that the loss of the Fox's Den was not a result of brute force on the part of the Word of Blake, but rather a failure in communications and a failure to follow the correct safety protocols on the part of the defenders. The key incident singled out by Cross was Colonel Jason Trent overriding safety locks on Entrance 12 to allow multiple doors to open, rather than observing the airlock-like security measures in place, ostensibly to allow retreating AFFS forces to fall back into the facility but which instead allowed the Word of Blake to breach the outer protection of the Fox's Den.[1]

Cross' report on the Fox's Den played a key part during planning for the campaign to liberate Bharat during Operation SCOUR, as the Blakists had established a fortress of some kind on Bharat that at least one senior AFFS officer, Major General Walter White-Davion, believed would be as difficult to breach as the Fox's Den was - or should have been.[1]



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