Jasmine Kurita

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Jasmine Kurita (born 2975 [1]) (formerly Jasmine Isu) was the wife and official consort of Takashi Kurita.

Jasmine Kurita in 3025

Personal History[edit]

Jasmine's husband, Takashi Kurita, in 3050

Jasmine Isu was born on New Samarkand, the original capital of the Draconis Combine. The daughter of Duke Marco Isu, the head of New Samarkand's head noble family, House Isu was related to the ruling House Kurita. When Takashi Kurita, heir-designate to Coordinator Hohiro Kurita, visited New Samarkand on a military inspection after his graduation from the Wisdom of the Dragon academy, he naturally stayed as an honored guest of the Isu family, who provided a traditional banquet and entertainment. When Jasmine and her sisters performed budo for the Dragon's Prince, her skill, beauty, and high birth enamored him, and he soon arranged a betrothal. The two would not see each other until years later on their wedding day. [1]

Jasmine would reside on Luthien while Takashi spent much of his time away with his unit, the 2nd Sword of Light. It took Jasmine many years before she was able to carry an heir to Takashi to term, and that was only with bed rest and peaceful surroundings. She was finally successful, giving birth to a son, Theodore Kurita. She would, however, be unable to conceive again. Jasmine would then devote herself fully to her son, lavishing him with attention and affection, often to the disapproval of her husband. [1] [2] Jasmine imbued the child with a love and appreciation for the classical arts and literature, and her calm and kindness tempered Theodore's harsher tendencies of his Kuritan blood. [1]

Jasmine was present at the Unity Palace when Takashi's father, Coordinator Hohiro, was assassinated in 3004. Jasmine pleaded with her husband not to permit Theodore, then a young boy of six, to witness the killer's execution, even appealing to Takashi's life-long friend, Internal Security Force Director Subhash Indrahar. Takashi was adamant, however. [3] So it was that Jasmine would become consort to the Coordinator.

As the Consort of the Coordinator, Jasmine held the title "Flower of the Realm". She was the leader of the social life of the Court, and she had many friends and allies, including Indrahar, with whom she shared an interest in the arts and culture. [1] Jasmine was a great patron of the arts in the Combine, sponsoring many cultural events at Unity Palace on Luthien and supporting many favored artists. She even promoted the multi-cultural study of "foreign" art and culture from outside the Combine. This helped lead to the founding of the School for Cultural Investigation on Al Na'ir, among other successes. [4]

Sometime during 3019, Jasmine suffered from an undisclosed serious illness. First Prince Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns sent a message to Takashi expressing wishes for her recovery. [5]

In 3033, it was revealed that Theodore had secretly married years earlier, and that Jasmine was now a grandmother to Hohiro, Omi, and Minoru Kurita. [6]

In 3054, Takashi decided to resolve his decades-long feud with mercenary commander Jaime Wolf of the famed Wolf's Dragoons. He challenged Wolf to a duel to the death on Luthien in BattleMechs. The morning the duel was scheduled, Jasmine expressed her grave reservations at the plan, even to the point of shedding tears and fleeing his presence. [7] Ironically, Takashi would soon meet his death not at Wolf's hands, but by his own, as he committed Seppuku. Theodore Kurita would succeed his father as Coordinator.

The remainder of Jasmine's life and the circumstances of her death are, as yet, not chronicled.

Marriage and Family[edit]

Jasmine married Takashi Kurita, giving birth to one son, Theodore Kurita. [2]



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