Jason Trent

Jason Trent
Affiliation Federated Suns


Jason Trent (Born ???? - Died ????) was a military officer in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. Trent has the dubious distinction of being identified as the officer responsible for the breach of safety protocols during the defence of the Fox's Den on New Avalon that allowed the Word of Blake to ultimately capture the facility.[1]

Identified in a report on the Mount Davion defences prepared in the 3070s by Colonel Jasmine Cross of the Engineering Corps on the fall of the Fox's Den on New Avalon earlier in the Jihad, Trent, then a Colonel, had failed to follow the correct safety protocols for defending the facility. Trent overrode the safety locks on Entrance 12 of the facility to allow multiple doors to open, rather than observing the airlock-like security measures in place; done ostensibly to allow retreating AFFS forces to fall back into the facility, the breach instead allowed the Word of Blake to breach the outer protection of the Fox's Den, ultimately leading to the Blakists capturing the installation.[1]



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