Jera Carns

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Jera Carns (born ???? - died 30??) was a Star Colonel of Clan Wolf during Operation Revival. She was noted for her close relationship with ilKhan Ulric Kerensky.[1]


Described as a physically strong warrior whose size approached that of some of the Elementals under her command, Jera Carns was a Clan MechWarrior and officer of great skill. Off the field of battle she was said to be a talented painter, as well as a learned military historian. On the field, she was a terror to her enemies, seeking to crush all opposition to her or her allies. Star Colonel Carns also knew how to maneuver on the political stage, though she preferred to avoid that particular arena when possible.[1]

The Kerensky Connection[edit]

Instead of political ambition for her self, she supported her Khan - and later ilKhan - Ulric Kerensky during his long rise to the top of Clan society. Carns would even turn down a promotion to command Epsilon Galaxy, feeling that she could best aid her Khan as a Star Colonel in Alpha Galaxy. According to the Wolf Clan grapevine, Jera Carns and Ulric Kerensky have been more than typical Clan comrades toward one another over the years of serving together. It is said that they also had at least one sibko produced from their genes, one that would have entered service just after the Battle of Tukayyid.[1]

Operation Revival[edit]

Star Colonel Carns held command of the 4th Wolf Guards during the invasion of the Inner Sphere. She and her command saw extensive action on Icar, Kirchbach, Rasalhague, Dell, Satalice, Bessarabia and Suk II. On Satalice, Star Colonel Carns and Khan Natasha Kerensky would compete against one another to gather unit insignias torn from the hulls of downed enemy 'Mechs. On Tukayyid, the 4th faced the Com Guards 283rd Division, and later took the lead, along with the 3rd Battle Cluster, in taking the the objective town of Brzo to seal the Wolf victory at the end of the otherwise woeful battle. Carns was wounded in action during the fierce fighting.[2][3][4]


While her fate after Tukayyid is not clear, it is known that Jera Carns piloted a Gargoyle A as of 3052.[3]


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