Jessica Sandoval-Groell

Jessica Sandoval-Groell (Born 30??) - Federated Suns noblewoman, only daughter of Duke Aaron Sandoval.[1]

Character Brief[edit]

She is member of the powerful FedSuns's Sandoval family of the Draconis March. Youngest of four children of Aaron & Jessica Danforth Sandoval. Matriarch of the family by 3067, she handles and manages the family's affairs while other run March itself.

She married into the Groell family, but was soon left widowed after the Combine counterattacks during War of 3039. After those events she dedicated her self taking care of her family, including widowed father, Aaron. Despite noted political power, with her nephews and nieces controling reins of power, she herself controls them if need be.

During the FedCom Civil War, her brother Duke James Sandoval begun to show signs of mental illness. She moved to contact his estrange son, Tancred, bring him back to March to take over his father position. I wasn't till early 3066, she brought him back to relieve his father. Shortly after this, her brother dies in March.[2]


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