Jessika Crossland

Jessika Crossland (b. ???? - d. ????) was a member of the Word of Blake.


In 3076, Jessika Crossland was a Precentor within the Word of Blake and was serving as the Blakist Precentor to Bremen, the capital world of the Deep Periphery state known as the Hanseatic League. Jessika was a member of the Expatriate sect, placing her on the outside of mainstream Blakist politics, and by this point in time the Word of Blake had a fairly minimal presence within the Hanseatic League. Despite that, when Jessika Crossland became involved in a romantic relationship with Captain-General Albert Snow, commanding officer of the state military of the League, the Hanseatic Security Force, it caused a number of members of the Council of Merchants - the ruling body of the League - to express disapproval of Snow's actions. Rather than back down, Snow reacted with characteristic bluntness to the Council, something that served to further endear him to the troops under his command.[1]


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