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Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon

Joanna was a thirty-first century trueborn Clan Jade Falcon warrior who is notable for killing Khan Natasha Kerensky of Clan Wolf on Twycross in 3057, and for being the only survivor from the Falcon Guards when they were destroyed on that same world in 3050, by Kai Allard-Liao. Joanna is also notable for training the sibko that produced both Star Colonel Aidan Pryde and Khan Marthe Pryde.

Personal History[edit]

Falconer Pre-Clan Invasion[edit]

Joanna was a falconer under Ter Roshak on Ironhold and was instrumental in the training of many sibkos, including the Ramon Mattlov-Tania Pryde sibko that produced several of the Jade Falcons' most renowned warriors. When Aidan Pryde failed his Trial of Position and then disappeared after his reassignment to the Technician caste, Joanna was ordered by Ter Roshak to retrieve him and was heavily involved in his "rebirth" as a Clan warrior.[1]

As a Star Captain, she was transferred to Glory Station at age 28, after successfully leading an assault on the Ghost Bears battlelines on Dagda.[2] Her Trinary was to be part reinforcements for Glory Station Garrison Cluster, however it was attacked in transit to the planet by 16th Battle Cluster. Joanna helped to man the guns of the DropShip before it was shot down. Crashed into Blood Swamps of Glory, she and her tech Nomad were rescued by a Trinary of Freebirth MechWarriors led by Star Commander Jorge. She and her unit's survivors teamed up with Jorge's Trinary to mount a surprise attack on Clan Wolf's rear areas. They destroyed the 16th's Field Command Center allowing the Falcons to win the Trial.[3]

When her role in the deceit of Aidan's second Trial came to light, she testified in her own defense and later fought the Trial of Refusal with Aidan and Ter Roshak, winning against heavy odds. She also was a member of Aidan's Bloodname training council.

Falcon Guards[edit]

Later, Joanna was promoted to the rank of Star Captain, but after the debacle on Twycross she was forced to retest and demoted to Star Commander. Aidan Pryde specifically requested her to re-join the reconstituted Falcon Guards and he used her talent as a falconer to whip the demoralized unit into shape. She succeeded superbly, and though Aidan gave her a field promotion to Star Captain, it would not stick due to her age and overall history.

Work for the Jade Falcon Watch[edit]

After the Battle of Tukayyid the Falcon Guard got a new commander, Star Colonel Ravill Pryde, whom she hated at first sight. After she accidentally killed a green warrior in a Circle of Equals and failed a mock Trial of Position, Ravill Pryde sent her to a Solahma unit. Kael Pershaw, head of Jade Falcon Watch then asked Joanna to spy for him in that unit. Unwillingly, she agreed, bargaining a return to the Falcon Guard after that assignment. While in the Solahma unit, Joanna revealed a dark plot of the scientist caste and could later return to the Falcon Guard.

After returning to the Falcon Guard just in time for the Refusal War, Joanna managed to kill Natasha Kerensky by incinerating the cockpit of Natasha's Dire Wolf with the exhaust from her jump jets. This feat secured Joanna two lines in the Remembrance.

End of the career[edit]

In the year 3060, Marthe Pryde asked Joanna to train Diana in her bid for the Pryde bloodname. Diana succeeded in her bid for the bloodname thanks to Joanna's and Horse's tutelage. When the Jade Falcons forced the Steel Vipers out of their occupation zone, Joanna was injured in the combat. She was last heard from as a trainer overseeing the sibko derived from Aidan Pryde's genes.

In 3069, Joanna and Horse apparently saw action on Marshall in the Kerensky Cluster, though not in BattleMechs. The exact opponents they fought and even the circumstances are unknown, however it is common in Clan tradition to use aged warriors as cannon fodder in battle, using them as unarmored infantry with little chance to survive. Despite this, there is no actual mention of her death. [4]

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