Joyce Merrell

Joyce Merrell (born 27?? - died 19th of November 2822[1] ) was a Star League General who would go on to become the first saKhan and co-founder of Clan Snow Raven.[2]


A General holding command of the 183rd Royal Mechanized Infantry Division at the time of Nicholas Kerensky's Second Exodus to Strana Mechty, her skills were such that the ilKhan would pair her with Vice Admiral-turned-Khan Stephen McKenna when Clan Snow Raven was formed in 2810.[3] Her specialty in ground forces was to help make up for McKenna's lack of experience commanding such forces, though in practice neither would work well together during the first several years. Miscommunication and disagreements over training and doctrine would stymie their early efforts. The Snow Ravens were the last Clan to be certified ready for combat prior to Operation Klondike, though they would be honed to a flexible and ready force by the time of the actual operation.[2][4]

Operation Klondike[edit]

In 2821, the invasion of the Pentagon Worlds became reality. SaKhan Merrell's Clan was selected for the drop onto Circe's northern hemisphere alongside Clan Wolverine. Though her ground forces totaled only four Stars, she would do the best she could given the difficult struggles the Ravens faced at the initial battles of Dehra Dun, and later versus the corrupt Empire of Hidalgo and against the Kerensky Dominion during what would come to be known as the Battle of Bitter Tears. She was able to coordinate her BattleMech forces well with the highly trained Aerospace Fighter pilots that the Snow Ravens would become known for.[5][6][7]

The Battle for Constan's Ridge[edit]

Near the close of the campaign on Circe, Clans Snow Raven and Wolverine were faced with only the Isle of the Eagles, an island city-state that was populated by many former citizens of the Federated Suns. The two Clans coordinated their attacks, sharing information about various targets.[1]

An instance of what the Ravens have called treachery occurred at one point, an incident with roots in the past. According to some sources, Joyce Merrell rebuffed romantic advances from Clan Wolverine's saKhan, Franklin Hallis at an unspecified point, likely during the Second Exodus. As the two Clans cornered the rebels forces, saKhan Merrell and her remaining 'Mech forces came under attack from a battalion sized force, one that was indicated to be of company strength by Wolverine intelligence. She and nine other Snow Raven MechWarriors would perish on Constan's Ridge, though the Clans were victorious over the rebel forces in the final accounting. Khan McKenna promptly accused the Wolverine saKhan of a deliberate attempt to harm the Snow Ravens, citing his personal animosity towards saKhan Merrell. The ensuing feud would simmer until a year later in 2823, when it escalated into the Wolverine Treachery, resulting in the devastation of the Snow Raven capital and primary genetic repository, as well as the downfall of the Not-Named Clan soon after.[2][1]


Joyce Merrell's appointment to saKhan of Clan Raven was meant to help her Clan and Khan McKenna by balancing their backgrounds. They would iron out their differences, but it would take some time for their forces to adjust under them. Operation Klondike was a success, but a Pyrrhic victory for the Snow Ravens at best, who were left devastated by the death of their warriors and their saKhan, bitterly holding the Wolverines responsible for the loss of lives.[2]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Snow Raven
2810[2]- 19th of November, 2822

Succeeded by


Some discrepancy exists regarding the date of Joyce Merrell's death, placing it well after the 2823 date given in Historical: Operation Klondike and Field Manual: Warden Clans.


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