Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Excalibur

The Joyeuse was an upgraded Excalibur-class DropShip which took part in the liberation of Terra during Operation SCOUR. The Joyeuse took part in the Coalition operation at Rio de Janeiro in South America, supporting the landing spearheaded by the Fifth Crucis Lancers RCT under the overall command of Marshal Jon Davion. The Fifth Crucis Lancers had landed on Rio's outskirts on the 19th of August 3078 intent on capturing Governador Island and the SDS command center there, only to run into Grandin's Crusaders—a mercenary unit employed by the Word of Blake and operating in TerraSec colors.[1]

The Crusaders took advantage of the extremely dense urban terrain available in Rio, launching hit-and-fade attacks down the Avienda de Brasil and using their battle armor forces to launch ambushes in the side streets. With their reconnaissance forces swiftly bogged down by the efforts of the veteran mercenaries, Jon Davion called in the Joyeuse to provide reinforcements and provide direct fire support as part of a second push towards Governador Island. While on approach the Joyeuse fired on any potential ambush point the veteran crew could identify before landing in a park and deploying its payload - a Lancers combat team. With the bulk of the RCT now deployed against him, Pierre Grandin pulled his forces together in the grounds of the Quinto de Bao Vista and made a determined effort to fight his way clear, leading the Crusaders on a drive to the west. They overwhelmed the dispersed Coalition units who had ended up away from the main axis of Jon Davion's advance and were able to fight their way to their DropShip, the Tonnant, and escaped from Terra whilst the Crucis Lancers isolated Governador Island and began a three-week operation to seize the SDS command center.[1]


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