Juan Ernesto Sosa

Juan Ernesto Sosa (b. ???? – d. ????) was a brigade commander in the Star League Defense Force during the Reunification War.


At the beginning of Operation UNION HOLD, the Star League invasion of the Outworlds Alliance in 2581, Juan Ernesto Sosa was a Lieutenant General in the Star League Defense Force, and was the Commanding Officer of the 39th Royal Brigade, one of three brigades that made up the 13th Royal Division within V Corps.[1]

In March 2582 the 39th Royal Brigade was tasked with providing reinforcements for the 37th Royal Brigade who had invaded Haynesville in February 2582. Partway through the approach to the planet from the system jump point, Sosa and his forces saw the DropShips assigned to the 37th and a number of additional DropShips launch from Haynesville and proceed to rendezvous with unknown JumpShips and leave the system.[1]

When Sosa and his troops landed on Haynesville, they discovered that the majority of the 37th were living in an internment camp of their own building, having surrendered to Outworlds Alliance forces a few days earlier, and that the ships leaving the system were Alliance forces transporting away the vast bulk of the 37th's military equipment and materiel. Sosa immediately filed a report on the Haynesville action that led to the commander of the Outworlds Alliance Task Force, General Amos Forlough, arriving on the planet himself shortly after.[1]

Forlough purged the officers of the 37th, as well as a number of senior officers within the 13th Royal Division and V Corps itself, although it isn't known if Sosa and the 39th were directly affected by this.[1]


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