Judas Levien

Judas Levien (born 28?? - died 2949) was the Khan of Clan Coyote during the fall of the infamous ilKhan, Tobias Khatib. Khan Levien would prosecute a bitter war of revenge against Clan Cloud Cobra for the death of ilKhan Corian Tchernovkov, pressing vendetta to the point that it became a detriment to his Clan. He would die during a Trial of Grievance with his saKhan, James Kielman, over the continuation of the costly feud.[1]


There are very few details about the life of Judas Levien prior to the fall of ilKhan Tobias Khatib. News of the uncovered murder of ilKhan Tchernovkov would hit him very hard, even twelve years removed from the incident. He would direct his grief and rage at his enemies, with little regard for himself, or worse, for his Clan.[1][2]

Crime and Punishment[edit]

After the impeachment of ilKhan Tobias Khatib, and his subsequent execution, Coyote Khan Judas Levien would launch a punitive strike against Cloud Cobra enclaves on six worlds. During these bitter contests, Zellbrigen was often set aside as the two Clans threw everything they had at each other for over a year and a half of constant hostilities. The Cobra losses would be grievous. At Homer, their capital, the Cloud Cobra Alpha Galaxy would take an excess of 80% casualties.[3] The Coyotes fared much better, but lost two sizable enclaves on Brim and Homer, with their Delta Galaxy taking the brunt of the conflict.[1][4]

Trial and Death[edit]

Khan Levien was not done with his quest to avenge the murdered Coyote ilKhan. He would have struck still further blows, though also risking further losses that his Clan could no longer afford to lose. Finally, Coyote saKhan James Kielman decided that he could not stand to see his Clan further destroyed in an attempt to get even for an event that had happened nearly 15 years earlier. He would challenge Khan Levien to a Trial of Grievance, a Trial he would go on to win. Khan Judas Levien would die during the Trial, and the future would be none the better for it.[1]


Khan Judas Levien's campaign to avenge the death of Corian Tchernovkov would cost his Clan greatly, setting Clan Coyote on a path of decline. After his time, they would steadily lose ground in spite of efforts by several Coyote Khans to reverse that trend.[1]

Little known outside of Clan Coyote, the Levien Bloodname House is another example of hidden depth in the Coyote warrior gene pool.

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Coyote

Succeeded by
James Kielman


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