Juggernaut (BattleMech role)

Juggernaut is a battlefield role performed by certain models of 'Mechs, primarily those that are slow and equipped with short-range weaponry and heavy amounts of armor.[1]


Juggernauts (as a BattleMech role) are categorically the slowest 'Mechs, but make up for this sluggishness with excellent amounts of short-range, heavy weaponry. As they are lacking both long-range weapons and speed, they rely on the sheer inertia of their forward movement, supported by copious amounts of armor. The battlefield longevity afforded by this protection allows for well-placed "warheads on foreheads", eradicating enemies with as few trigger pulls as necessary. When working with Skirmishers that outflank otherwise more manueverable enemies, targets more often than not get pushed right into the Juggernaut's most powerful weaponry arcs.[1]

The Autocannon/20 is a weapon commonly found on Juggernauts, for it often causes critical damage with only one hit and can destroy a light BattleMech early in the engagement. Due to tactical experience with these behemoths, often times opponents will seek to remain out of range of their weaponry. For this reason, many pilots of Juggernauts will seek out targets with primary weapons of similar ranges to their own, such as medium lasers or short range missiles.[1]

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