Just Following Orders

Just Following Orders
Story information
Author Roland M. Boshnack and Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 2
Type Short story
Sourcebook fiction
Product Era Digest: Age of War
Era Star League era (Age of War)
Timeline 23 February 2412

Just Following Orders, written by Roland M. Boshnack and Herbert A. Beas II, is a short story published as the introductory sourcebook fiction for Era Digest: Age of War.

Plot summary[edit]

A Free Worlds League Militia armor company commences an early Age of War battle for Tintavel, touching off the campaign that would eventually ruin the world and lead to the creation of the Ares Conventions. The FWL’s Kestrel MBTs and APCs make short work of at least a battalion of Capellan Confederation tanks (Korvins are mentioned, specifically), as well as laying waste to the city of New Mitla, culminating in the destruction of a hospital full of babies and pregnant women.

Featured characters[edit]

  • Sergeant Price
  • Corporal Adams

Featured places[edit]

Featured BattleTech[edit]


  • Handbook: House Marik, p. 18, indicates that tens of thousands of civilians died as the fighting escalated, and that both sides deployed WMDs (the Capellans using micronukes, and the FWL chemical weapons). Fighting raged for more than six months, destroying the planetary infrastructure and eventually leading to the world's abandonment.