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This article is about the K-1 "DropShuttle" class of small craft. For the DropShuttle type of spacecraft, see DropShuttle.

K-1 DropShuttle
Production information
Manufacturer BBP Industries
Brigadier Corporation
Sacrado Industries
Shipil Company
Production Year 2536[1]
Use DropShuttle
Type (Shape) Civilian Spheroid
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 9,261,250 Cbills
Technical specifications
Mass 200
Structural Integrity 6
Length 28
Engine (Type) Pratt & Whitney 400
Safe Thrust 4 g
Maximum Thrust 6 g
Fuel 30 tons
Burn Rate 1.84 days[2]
Armament 1 x LRM-5
4 x Medium Lasers
1 x Small Laser
Armor 12 tons standard
Heat Sinks 10
Crew 2
BV (1.0) 912[3]
BV (2.0) 1,146


The spheroid counterpart to the KR-61 Long Range Shuttle, the K-1-class DropShuttle is technically a small craft and notably also the smallest space vehicle equipped with a Docking Collar for attaching to a JumpShip in the fashion of a DropShip (an unusual feature for a small craft).
It should be noted that "DropShuttle" is a misnomer, as the K-1 is not a DropShuttle in the technical sense.

Originally designed in the Star League era when JumpShips were plentiful and passage aboard them frequent and inexpensive, the K-1 was used for "hops" to neighboring star systems. With the increasing rarity of JumpShips and travel aboard them at a premium since the early Succession Wars, the greater passenger and cargo capacity of regular DropShips has seen the K-1 DropShuttle relegated to the role other long range shuttles have.

A tiny booth is mentioned aboard the K-1 DropShuttle Columbus that serves as both the vessel's breakfast table and a mid-day workstation. It is unknown if this is a standard feature on K-1 type craft. Similarly, it is mentioned that the cramped cockpit features three seats.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Due to the long range of the craft, the K-1 is outfitted with a minimum of defensive weaponry consisting of single LRM-5 and Medium Laser mounted in the nose, another medium laser on each side, and a small and medium laser pointing directly aft.

The ship hull is protected by 21 tons of standard armor, with large portion of armor focus in in bow with least of the armor in sides.[5]


The K-1 features sixteen point five tons of cargo capacity and berths for six passengers in steerage compartment.[6]


  • K-1C 
    Introduced in 2914, the Clan version of the venerable K-1, while still classified as a "civilian" vessel, carries better armor as well as a weapons array consisting five Medium Pulse Lasers. It is almost identical in all other respects. BV (1.0) = 1,413[7], BV (2.0) = 1,681

Drop Shuttle Gallery[edit]


As of this writing, there is no updated BattleValue listed on Master Unit List.[8]


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