Kaiman's Islanders

Kaiman's Islanders
Unit Profile (as of 3139)
Parent Formation


The Dark Age[edit]

Kaiman's Islanders had operated for some time in the rimward region of the Inner Sphere, across the Magistracy of Canopus, Marian Hegemony and Rim Commonality, before accepting a contract from the government of Jubka in December 3139. Jubka was an independent world, one of many former members of the Free Worlds League, and rumors had reached the planetary government that the world was going to be raided in the near future by pirates looking to ransack the treasures of the Tower of Allah Mosque in the city of New Medina.[1]

The fact that the treasures in the Tower of Allah Mosque were religious relics with no resale value evidently didn't come to the attention of the pirates; Kaiman's Islanders arrived on Jubka in December 3139, and as they were at the spaceport New Medina awaiting deployment orders the pirate band Morrison's Heirs jumped into the Jubka system, arriving at a pirate point near Jubka's second moon.[1]

Commander Hiram Jessup led the Islanders into New Medina while deploying a single MechWarrior, Leftenant Winifred Horne, and her Vulture Mk IV onto a steep ridge that lay between the spaceport and New Medina. Horne proceeded to provide information to the Islanders on the Heirs' deployment, allowing the Islanders to block each pirate incursion into the city. When the pirates identified Horne as a spotter they sent a Lancelot and a Crab to destroy her 'Mech, and Horne deliberately didn't fire at the pirates as they closed, making the two pirates overconfident; when the pirates left cover to attack her, Horne calmly destroyed both.[1]


In 3139 the Islanders were commanded by Commander Hiram Jessup.[1]


Composition History[edit]


At this point in time the Islanders were a mixed-arms battalion.[1]



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