Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Mule


The Kaleidoscope was an old Mule-class DropShip operated by the surviving elements of the mercenary unit known as the Dioscuri during their escape from Clan Jade Falcon in March 3071. The Dioscuri had been in place on Morges for some time prior to the Jade Falcon invasion in February 3071, and were the only major defending unit on the planet following the departure of the last Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces in late 3070. Anticipating a potential emergency, the Dioscuri had hidden the Kaleidoscope away on the planet to provide a means of escape, and the surviving elements of the Dioscuri's Second Battalion were able to make just such an escape while their comrades on Morges provided cover and then attempted to go to ground.[1]


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