Kamea Arano

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Kamea Arano, Age 26, circa 3025
Kamea Arano
Born: ca. 2999[1]
Affiliation House Arano
High Lady of the Aurigan Coalition
Parents Tamati Arano II (father)[1]
Sara Espinosa (mother)

Kamea Arano was the leader of the Arano Restoration. She is described as "brave, idealistic, and determined.[1]She was set to inherit the throne of the Aurigan Coalition after her father's unexpected death, but was betrayed and driven into exile where she watched as her people were subjected to a cruel dictatorship.[1]

She fights to free her people from the brutal dictatorship led by the Espinosa family known as the Aurigan Directorate.[1] She is known to have been a MechWarrior, utilizing the Arano family BattleMech, a KTO-18 Model Kintaro.


Birth year is a guess based on age in character profile given in Kickstarter update and assuming timeline of 3025.


Featured only in the apocryphal computer game BattleTech video game, the character of Kamea Arano is apocryphal as well.


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