Willard Theodore Puritan

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Willard Theodore Puritan
Also known as Kangaroo Jack
Siblings Wendall Puritan

As of 3024, Willard Theodore Puritan, better known under the name of Kangaroo Jack, was a notorious smuggler and captain of the JumpShip Stone Arrow that was known to travel between the Federated Suns, Lyran Commonwealth and Draconis Combine space.

His trademark was a bush hat with the rim pinned up to the crown by a tiny kangaroo.

He did not get along well with his brother Wendall Puritan, who piloted a Scorpion for Smithson's Chinese Bandits.

Kangaroo Jack worked with Draconis Combine crimelord Grig Griez. It was his ship, the Stone Arrow, that brought the Dark Wing unit to Ander's Moon during Operation Inroad in April 3024. He was subsequently tracked down by Gideon Braver on a world in the Federated Suns (randomized in the game, but usually Okefenokee or Tancredi IV) sometime between 3024 and 3028, but was murdered before Gideon Braver could talk to him; the assassin, a known gangland assassin known as Grim Jim, was also found dead.


Willard Puritan appears in the MechWarrior computer game.

The game, and therefore its storyline, is apocryphal (see section about Canonicity in the game's article): It is expressly not included among the list of canonical sources for the BattleTech universe, but it has also been said that, until contradicted, information from certain sources including this one "can be assumed to be part of the shared universe if it makes sense". MechWarrior in particular is one of the computer games where the storyline is widely treated as canonical.

Other Information[edit]

  • Kangaroo Jack is a prominent background character in the 1989 Activision computer game MechWarrior, where the player takes the role of Gideon Braver in his quest to find out about and stall Operation Inroad, and reclaim the Chalice of Herne. Over the course of the storyline, he has to find out about the Stone Arrow and track down Kangaroo Jack.
  • At one point in the game the player has a choice of whether or not to go to a certain address to presumably meet Kangaroo Jack. If the player elects to follow the lead he finds Jack's dead body and can then either flee or shoot the assassin in self defense. However, an article about the murder of Kangaroo Jack as well as the death of his presumed assassin appears in the news regardless of what choices the player makes. Jack and Grim Jim's deaths in the story are both therefore inevitable, no matter how they occurred.