Kappa Galaxy (Clan Jade Falcon)

Kappa Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Clan Jade Falcon Touman


During the Dark Age Kappa Galaxy suffered from a reputation for poor performance that plagued the Galaxy, a reputation that keept it away from any of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone borders and consigning it to roles that involved drudgery and misfortune.[1]

When the Golden Ordun commanded by Malvina Hazen launched their invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth in 3140 they were careful to avoid the Arc-Royal Theater and the forces from Clan Wolf-in-Exile resident there, although the Wolves did subsequently campaign against the Golden Ordun. More critically for Kappa Galaxy, when the Wolves returned to the Arc-Royal Theater Kappa Galaxy was left as the only major defensive force between the Wolves and the Jade Falcon capital, Sudeten. The Wolves soon began launching raids into the Occupation Zone, with Kappa suffering the brunt of the attacks.[1]

While the Exiles numbers were steadily worn down by attrition - giving Kappa a chance against their elite opponents - the damage taken by Kappa was such that it was only through a constant stream of freeborn warriors being assigned to Kappa as casualty replacements that Kappa managed to remain operational in 3145.[1]


In 3145 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Earl Helmer. His aide was Star Colonel Bruce Siegel.[2]


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