Manannan MacLir

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Manannan MacLir
Vessel Profile
Previous names Karasu
Type DropShip
Class Leopard

The Manannan MacLir, previously the Karasu,[1] was a Leopard-class DropShip operated by the Kell Hounds mercenary unit.


During a raid on Skondia at some point between 3020 and 3023,[2] the House Kurita DropShip Karasu was damaged by the Kell Hounds' aerospace wing and forced to land near a fjord. Normally Duke Aldo Lestrade would have had the right to salvage the vessel, but the resourceful mercenary officer Patrick Kell had his unit dig a canal from the fjord to the resting place of the Karasu, creating a small ocean that allowed the Kell Hounds to salvage the ship under maritime salvage laws. Patrick Kell won the ensuing legal dispute, allegedly partly because he was still a Lyran Commonwealth citizen.[3]

The Kell Hounds refurbished the ship and renamed it the Manannan MacLir. It would serve with the Kell Hounds throughout the remainder of the Succession Wars era.

By January 3027 it was noted to be colored red and black, the colors of the Kell Hounds' unit crest.[4]

As of 3029 it was under the command of veteran captain Hugh MacCool.[5]


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