Keevah Acee


Keevah Acee (Born ???? - Died ????) was a journalist working for the Demeter Free Press during the Jihad. Acee wrote in some detail about the campaign waged by the troops on the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR to capture Demeter; highly critical of the allied coalition's actions, Acee alleged that the coalition forces resorted to the use of indiscriminate orbital bombardments to subdue the Protectorate Militia and the 9th Militia Division forces on Demeter, leveling not just the Vicore Industries plant the 9th Militia Division were sheltering in but also large portions of New Demeter City. Acee further alleged that the 5th Crucis Lancers and 15th Arcturan Guards had been opposed even by local citizens, who entered the fight for New Demeter City armed with whatever weapons they could find or improvise, and that the local government had only surrendered to the coalition forces when "the Davions threatened to raze the continent and salt the soil."[1]


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