Keith Gatlin

Keith Gatlin was a MechWarrior with Wolf's Dragoons.


Piloting an Ostscout and considered to possess veteran skills, Keith Gatlin served in the medium lance in Fraser's Company, Baker Battalion, Alpha Regiment in Wolf's Dragoons by 3028.[1]

Fraser's Company saw extensive action in the urban fighting against the Ryuken-ichi on An Ting when tensions between Wolf's Dragoons and their employer, the Draconis Combine, came to a head in January 3028, and Gatlin was among Captain Dechan Fraser's ad-hoc strike force that spearheaded the Dragoons' final attack in the early morning hours of 13 January.[2]

Fraser's company including Gatlin later fought with the Dragoons on Misery. There, a lance composed of captain Dechan Fraser (Shadow Hawk), Thomas West (Griffin), Calvin Wakeman (Trebuchet) and Keith Gatlin in his Ostscout captured Fadre Singh on 23 April 3028 after downing his Crusader in the Hamar Valley, in one of the earliest skirmishes of the battle.[3] The same lance was implied to be the one that brought Minobu Tetsuhara's makeshift command lance to battle on 20 May, disabling his Dragon and Michi Noketsuna's Ostroc, leading to the capture of both officers.[4] In this fight, it was noted that the Ostscout with its sophisticated sensors had allowed the pursuers to track down the enemy lance. A missile barrage from Tetsuhara savaged its upper torso and amputated an arm.[5]

Ultimately, Gatlin's Ostscout was destroyed in the fighting on Misery.[1] Fraser's company was disbanded after Misery. In the Fourth Succession War that followed, Gatlin was assigned to the medium lance of the 3rd Provisional Company in a Commando. The 3rd Provisional Company was nearly wiped out in the fighting on Wapakoneta,[6] and the surviving Dragoons subsequently made a final stand on Crossing. Keith Gatlin was wounded on Crossing,[1] but apparently not killed.


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