Kenway Gaines

Kenway Gaines
Affiliation House Gaines
Parents Rafael Gaines (father)

Kenway Gaines, a descendant of Eveline McDennis, was a tech serving with the AFFS in the Fourth Succession War. Born to a MechWarrior family and expected to serve as a MechWarrior, Kenway Gaines felt he disappointed his father (although he said his father tried to hide it) by failing his neurohelmet test which precluded him from piloting a BattleMech.

An exceptionally bright and hard-working tech, he graduated from the NAIS, attained the rank of Subaltern by July 3028 and was posted to the "Body Snatchers", the recovery and salvage platoon of the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry aboard the Triumph-class DropShip Reaper's Folly. At this time, his father, Leftenant Colonel Rafael Gaines, served as XO of the 4th Davion Guards 'Mech regiment, and two brothers and a sister served as MechWarriors with the 27th Avalon Hussars, 7th Crucis Lancers and 1st Ceti Hussars, respectively. Although his inability to pilot a 'Mech was not his fault, Kenway Gaines' self-confidence was weak to the point of his superior officer considering pulling him from his unit before it saw combat action. His drive to excel as a tech, however, convinced her to give him a chance.

Kenway Gaines performed brilliantly in his first combat operation when the Body Snatchers recovered a brand-new enemy 'Mech design, a Raven, from a battle site on Aldebaran on 25 August 3028 and defended their prize against enemy reinforcements. His technical expertise also proved valuable in investigating the new 'Mech's technology.