Khan's Irregulars (Clan Jade Falcon)

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Khan’s Irregulars
Unit Profile (as of 3058)
Nickname Khan’s Irregulars
Parent Formation Clan Jade Falcon Touman
Formed June 3058

The Khan’s Irregulars were a trinary based unit in Clan Jade Falcon. It was composed of freeborns and led by Star Captain Horse. Noted for being answerable only to the Khan who at the time was Marthe Pryde, a mission to Huntress and fighting Clan Steel Viper.

Early History[edit]

Formed on Coventry following the fighting there, Horse was taken into Khan Marthe Pryde’s confidence. He swore an oath of fealty.[1] He agreed to be loyal to her and to answer to her. Marthe asked him to form a trinary of elite freeborn warriors [2], and dispatched them to Huntress.


The mission to Huntress was to evaluate Falcon research with Land Air 'Mechs and to secretly asses the value of the Falcon Eyrie [3]. The Trinary was shot down as it entered the planet's atmosphere, and captured by the Clan Smoke Jaguar Garrison [4] Galaxy Commander Russou Howell was extremely rough on them and took Horse on as a "personal prisoner" [5]. Horse along with the solahma warrior Sentania Buhallin managed to assist the Trinary to escape Howell [6].

Expulsion of Clan Steel Viper in Occupation zone[edit]

In 3061 during the Clan Steel Viper Invasion, Khan’s Irregulars was bid into battle on Waldorff [7]. In brutal fighting, the trinary fought well, fighting alongside the Jade Falcon Guards [8] . It was determined that they were fighting The Triasch Keshik [9]. The trinary fought hard against the Steel Vipers in this the final battle, before Clan Jade Falcon forced Hegira on the Steel Viper forces [10]


In 3058, Khan’s Irregulars' commanding officer was Star Captain Horse.

Compostion History[edit]


Khan's Irregulars (1 Trinary)

  • CO: Star Captain Horse


Game Rules[edit]


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