Kimball's Aquaculture

Formerly an independent company, Kimball's Aquaculture is the aquaculture division of Federated Suns based Melcher Food Corporation. [1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: KblAq [1]

Home Office: Jade Sea City, Numenor [1]


In 3015, Ivan Kimball, a professor of Ichthyology, left his position at Numenor University and retired to his home in the Jade Islands. Not long after, with the aid of investors, he collected several skilled employees and began to try his hand in cultivating high-paying fish and other aquatic food stuffs. The newly formed Kimball's Aquaculture's success was phenomenal and the company quickly made a name for itself with their techniques in raising delicate fish like the famed Mara Trout and the Capellan Nihal Whale-Sardine. By 3025, Kimball was negotiating with the Lyran Free Traders Association to expand into markets in the Lyran Commonwealth. [1] Ultimately the company would fall prey to a hostile takeover from the aggressive Melcher Food Corporation, becoming a division of the ruthless company in 3035. [2]

The company's CEO in 3025 was its founder Ivan Kimball III. [1]


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