Kindraa Kline

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Kindra Kline
Faction Profile
Time period:
Classification: Clan
Controlled systems: 3 (shared) [1]
Capital world:
Ruler title: Kindraa Leader
Secret Service:


The Kline name is the blood line with the strongest political influence and is known for their warden view. Most outsiders regard the Kindraa as to weak to survive larger conflict without the help of other kindraas. They try to create a sense of inter-kindraa cooperation where possible. [2]


The Kindraa could survive through the close political connections to stronger Kindraas like Faraday-Tanaga or Payne. Those Kindraas agreed to help Kline with resources in exchange for resources. Also has the Kindraa the capabilities to produce a few Omnimech designs.


A main focus of the Kindraa is the touman and all available resources are used to strengthen it. This includes many freeborns and bondsmen from other clans who are given the oppurtunity to rise through the touman's ranks. This is in stark contrast to other Kindraas and makes Kindraa Kline more liberal. [3]


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