Kindraa Sainze Command Trinary (Clan Fire Mandrill)

Kindraa Command Trinary
Unit Profile (as of 3071)
Nickname The Dragon Mandrills
Parent Formation Kindraa Sainze
Disbanded 3071


The Kindraa Sainze Command Trinary was the premier unit of the Kindraa and was stationed on Strana Mechty between 3059 and 3067.[1][2]

When Scorpion Khan Ariel Suvorov declared a Trial of Refusal against Garret Sainze's election as ilKhan in February 3071,[3] Sainze met Suvorov's forces on Shadow. In a three-day campaign four Clusters from his Kindraa battled a like number of Goliath Scorpions; by the end of the fighting Sainze had perished, along with most of his warriors.[4] Not all of the Clusters involved are recorded, but as a Command unit of Garret Sainze it is highly likely the Trinary was part of this force and was destroyed.


As of 3059 the Commanding Officer was Kindraa Leader saKhan Garret Sainze.[5][2]


The Command Star only employed OmniMechs with MASC to quickly move around the battlefield. The Trinary had no organic fighter support.

Composition History[edit]


Kindraa Sainze Command Trinary - Elite/Fanatical [5]


Kindraa Sainze Command Trinary - Elite/Fanatical [2]

  • 100% full strength with 100% of the force equipped with OmniMechs.



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