Kit Carson

Kit Carson
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Scout[1]


The Kit Carson was a Lyran Commonwealth Scout-class[1] JumpShip.

During the Fourth Succession War, the Kit Carson under Captain Walter Garrett was part of a "Pony Express" network with a short crew of altogether eight (plus up to two aerospace pilots), and carried at least one Lucifer aerospace fighter.[2]

On 01 October 3028 it was stationed in the Marfik system in this role and expected to rendezvous with Hauptmann-Kommandant Kathleen Heany's DropShip. However, the DropShip turned out to be the Arctic Fox, carrying Theodore Kurita and his retinue who proceeded to capture and commandeer the Kit Carson upon docking, killing one crewman Bernhardt in the process.[3] A substantial amount of military data including unit dispositions was recovered from the courier ship's computers. Most importantly, the captured JumpShip allowed Theodore Kurita to evade capture.[2]

Captain Garrett was forced to jump the Kit Carson to Konstance, then quick-charge the drive via the fusion reactor against his will and jump to a pirate point in the Vega system to hurriedly deliver Theodore Kurita to his forces there. He made a timely arrival on Vega, but it was noted that the ship was indeed damaged.[2]



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