This article is about the pre-fabricated garrison base. For the BattleMech, see Kyudo.

Kiudo Fortress
Production information
Use Garrison fort
Structure Type  ?
Tech Base 3025
Cost  ?
Man Hours
Introduced ca. 3029
Technical specifications
Size (in hexes) 37 total (perimeter), buildings or walls on 27
Levels 2
Construction Factor
Power Requirements  ?
Armament Fixed wall emplacements (6):

Wall turrets (6):

HQ turret:

Heat Sinks 36 (est.)
Armor (varies)
Equipment Barracks and garages for a conventional battailon
BV  ?

Kiudo-style fortresses are a type of cheaply manufactured prefabricated fortifications that had begun to gain prominence in the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery by 3034.[1]


First described in the German-only (and thereby, apocryphal) Ronin! scenario pack with quite detailed background information, the Kiudo was canonized as a "cheaply manufactured prefabricated design" of DCMS fortress through an off-hand remark in the fully canonical Historical: Brush Wars which includes an abridged summary of the storyline from Ronin!.

It remains uncertain to which extent the canonization of the Kiudo as such means that its layout and other information from Ronin! which was not expressly reproduced in Brush Wars can be regarded as canonical; they are treated as apocryphal in this article:

Apocryphal information[edit]

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According to Ronin!, Kiudo forts are garrison forts that can be quickly erected from prefabricated parts. Designed to withstand a company of BattleMechs, they are heavily armed and built to house a conventional battaillon of infantry and/or tanks.


Near the end of the Fourth Succession War, the DCMS found that they needed to quickly secure captured planets to prevent a recapture by enemy forces as the frontlines shifted. Professor Ishi Kiudo of the Hachiman Techno-School devised the concept of a fortification that was both cheap, easy to transport and quick to build. Within only six months the design was finalized and approved by the DCMS. (Although the impression is given that the components for the Kiudo are cheaply mass-produced at an industrial level, and that the parts are exceptionally easy to ship and assemble, there is no information on how big the parts are, how they are shipped or how long it takes to assemble a Kiudo, or how expensive it actually is.)

Despite its impressively quick development, the Kiudo came too late to play any significant role in the Fourth Succession War. However, following the war, many garrisons along the Draconis Combine/Lyran Commonwealth border were stationed in such installations.

During the Ronin Wars, Ronin forces occupied the Kiudo fort on Bruben (canonically named Fort Tanaka[1]) and on 15 June 3034 Camerons Legion, an understrength mercenary company in employ of the Free Rasalhague Republic, were ordered to capture it and destroy the HQ without injuring any of the many civilians concentrated at the installation. Hampered by the presence of the civilians, the unit succeeded, but suffered crippling damage including the death of their commander and the loss of most of their equipment.


The basic layout of a Kiudo fortress is that of a regular hexagonal structure. Each side is approximately 100 meters long. The walls are as high as a BattleMech and fairly strong (2 elevation levels, CF90 per 30-meter element); 'Mechs (or any other unit, for that matter) cannot pass through them, although they can be jumped over, or landed on. One wall contains the gates instead of regular wall elements (2x H2, CF60).

Powerful gun towers stand at all six points of the hexagon. Each tower (2 elevation levels, CF90) is protected by six tons of armor, and sports two LRM-20 launchers with 24 packs of missiles between them and two Medium Lasers, all turret mounted, as well as another LRM-5 launcher with 24 packs of missiles in its base.

Along the two walls adjacent to the gate wall and 30 meters behind the gates are two 60-meter buildings (H1) containing workshops and garages. Next to the wall opposite the gates there are three barracks (M1) and in front of these, the installation's headquarters. The HQ is a hardened (HD2, CF150) building with powerful, turret-mounted weaponry: An AC/20 with 20 shots, two SRM-6 racks with 30 salvos between them, and six Machine Guns with 200 salvos between them. The turret is also armored with six tons of armor.

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