Knox (Individual Union-class DropShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


The Knox was a Union-class DropShip serving with ComStar's Explorer Corps. It was one of two DropShips carried by the Merchant-class JumpShip Outbound Light when it embarked on its fateful exploration mission from Bone Norman in June 3046 (the other DropShip was the Buccaneer-class Golden Hind).[1] The overall mission commander was ROM Precentor Arabella Bradford, while the JumpShip and its attendant DropShips were under the command of Precentor Vincent Dupont.

Following no predetermined flight plan, the Outbound Light expedition, consisting of 46 crew across all craft plus a standard 7-person exploration team, jumped into what they thought was an unknown G7V star system on 27 September 3048. Unfortunately, it was the Clan Smoke Jaguar capital of Huntress. Before they could escape, the Explorer Corps vessels were engaged by OmniFighters from the Smoke Jaguar Comitatus-class vessel High Guard, and were impounded.[1][2][3]

The crews were arrested and subjected to chemical interrogation. There is conflicting information concerning their fate. Initial ComStar reports from the early days of the Clan Invasion indicated that the crew and ships had been returned to ComStar, supplying vital intel on the Clan way of life, though with their memories and databanks of the route taken to Huntress wiped,[4] but such reports turned out to be false.[1] Only the seven member survey team was returned to ComStar; the other members of the expedition were not returned and no information about them has become available. The members of the survey team all exhibited heavy psychological scarring after their time with the Smoke Jaguars.[3]


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