Kruger (IndustrialMech)

Kruger SecurityMech
Production information
Use SecurityMech
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Engine (see text)
Speed km/h

Machine guns (see text)


The Kruger was described as a license-produced variant of another (unspecified) PoliceMech that had been named Kruger in New Capetown service.[1]
The specific description as being a variant of an "old Coventry PoliceMech" strongly suggests it to be a variant of the Copper, which has been in production since the Star League era and is the only known PoliceMech associated with Coventry or Coventry Metal Works together with its progenitor, the PK-6 Peacekeeper.

It is not spelled out what kind of engine drives the Kruger, except that it is not a fusion engine.[1] (The Copper is equipped with a fuel cell, or an ICE instead in its earliest incarnation; the Peacemaker features a fusion engine.)

The exact configuration is not spelled out either. Machine guns are mentioned, but it was also noted that "others" (impicitly referring to individual Krugers, possibly subvariants) had been armed with flamers or even missiles.[1]


The Kruger was deployed by the Order Police on New Capetown. It was involved in the Vilmanstad Massacre of 2998 where unarmed protesters were fired upon in what was called a slaughter in the capital that was seared into the planetary consciousness.[1]

On 16 December 3016 Luys Claessens encountered four Order Police Krugers, one of which fired on him with a machine gun, when he re-appropriated his late mother's Locust.[1]


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