Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Soyal


The FWLS Kumbha was a member of the Soyal-class of Heavy Cruisers constructed by the Delhi WarShips.[1] The ship was among the very few of the Soyal-Class which were ordered by the Free Worlds League. The Kumbha and its sister ships were ordered by the League's navy due in part to the Confederation initially placing an order for it's sister ships of the Class and its feared Mass Driver.

First Succession War[edit]

The ship saw only limited but intense use during the opening years of the First Succession War. During the League's offensive against the Capellan Confederation, the Kumbha was part of a League Naval Task force trying to provide support for captured worlds. The ship was assigned to escort the League's only Samarkand-Class AeroSpace Carrier, Chronos with its sister ship, the Mithuna in 2788.

The flotilla which Kumbha had been assigned was tasked to act as a retribution force, getting revenge of the Confederation slaughter at New Delos in April of 2788. During that year the ship was part of the bombardment of many of the Capellan worlds such as Corey, Wazan, and Ingersoll. At Ingersoll, the ship along with its flotilla mates, devastated world's resort cities with nuclear weaponry.[2]

Second Succession War[edit]

The ship would be among the last active members of the Free Worlds League Navy's Warship Fleet. The ship's most notable action during the war was in defense of the district capital of Andurien in October of 2838. The Kumbha would assist in destroying the Liao invasion force whom had assumed the League's defenses had been weakened during the ComStar War from the previous year. In the orbital battle the ensued, the ship helped to destroy a fifth of the Liao invasion force, prior to them making planetfall.[3]

Eventually the ship would be lost along with its other sister ships during the early Succession Wars. This was partially due to its design flaws making it vulnerable to being destroyed due to limited weaponry layout, especially in the aft quarters of the ship.[4]


  • As of this writing, there is limited information regarding other actions of the Kumbha. The Ship article on the Soyal-Class, notes that all the ships that were built were lost during the Succession Wars due to it's ship design weaknesses. Soyal's status being active during the 2nd Succession War leads to it's destruction during that conflict. The Kumbha final battle was never detailed between the two Historical books published about the Succession Wars.


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