Kym Sorenson

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Kym Sorenson
Affiliation House Hasek
Duchess of New Syrtis
Spouse Morgan Hasek-Davion
Children George Hasek II
Angela Hasek
Cyrus Hasek

Kym Sorenson - Early thirty-first century born Federated Sun Noblewoman, whom served as spy and later Duchess to Capellan March.

She was originally a spy for FedSun Spymaster Quintus Allard who dispatched her in late 3026 to Solaris VII and later to assess the loyalty of Morgan Hasek-Davion. She was later married to Morgan Hasek-Davion after the Fourth Succession War and had his son, George Hasek.

She was born as Countess, her father is owner of Sorenson Mechanics whom builds engines for the Typhoon hovercraft in Federated Suns.

In her youth she was noted for being a strikingly beautiful woman with blonde hair and ice-blue eyes.

Character History[edit]

Solaris VII and Justin Xiang[edit]

In service as a spy for the Federated Suns under Quintus Allard in 3026, she was sent to monitor several targets, including Gray Noton, Justin Allard, and Enrico Lestrade, Baron von Summer. She was forced to leave the Federated Suns for Solaris VII after her father cast her out for fiercely disagreeing with him on a subject.[1] She later meets Justin Xiang at Baron Lestrade's Stadium box in February, 3027 and they quickly become acquaintances.

In March, she secretly goes to the coffee shop in Solaris City where she sends report to FedSun's MIIO. She reports of Noton's remarks of him being one who took Justin's arm on Kittery, which is the evidence needed prove Justin Allard innocence and that he was indeed attacked by a Rifleman BattleMech.[2] Unknown to her, Gray Noton followed her and discovers she is a spy.

He later contacts Justin, both of them ambush her in an alley which she was going back to Justin in order to tell him what Norton had said. An incensed Justin accuses her of being "a Davion whore" and breaks her jaw with his bionic arm instead of allowing Noton to shoot her. He refuses to allow her to talk telling her to relay a message to Hanse Davion.

She returns to New Avalon, passing the message to her handlers and the Prince. There she undergoes surgery to heal her broken jaw. Afterwards she is given a cover assignment to work at the New Avalon Institute of Science in order to monitor ComStar ROM activity.[3]

New Avalon & Morgan Hasek-Davion[edit]

Hanse Davion, being concerned over loyalty of his nephew Morgan Hasek-Davion, assigned Kym to assess him in October 3027.[4] MIIO arranges for Kym to be "attacked" by men in the Davion Peace Park in Avalon City.[5]

She and Morgan develop a relationship, becoming close enough that Morgan asks Quintus Allard to do a security check on her to make sure she is clean.[6] She traveled with Morgan to Terra where she was part of the Davion wedding party as Morgan's guest in August of 3028.[7]

After the outbreak of the Fourth Succession War, she and the rest of the wedding party returned to New Avalon. There she continued to monitor him and developed deeper feelings.

In July, 3029 - She continued in her role at NAIS as assistant to Doctor Riva Allard.[8] She goes on say how bad things are in the wards as more troops arrive from the fighting on Sarna.

Later, her boyfriend, Morgan Hasek-Davion drops by to visit her and the troops. He brings gifts of holovideos and quality liquor from Lyran Commonwealth. After a quick discussion between Dr. Allard and her assistants with Morgan they decide to have party for the soldiers using his gifts.[9]

In August 3029, she was summoned by Prince Hanse Davion for an urgent meeting. Nervouse because this was the first time the Prince had ever seen her in her official capacity. After telling Hanse that Morgan was fine he asked her if he could be trusted with troops. Kym gives an unflinching report that Morgan is incredibly loyal to Prince and Federated Suns and is no threat to the First Prince. Separatists from Capellan March had tried to contact him and he told them to "go to hell."

She also notifies Hanse that after Duke Michael's death of Count Anton Vitios pledge to support Morgan against Hanse. However Morgan quickly replied that the Capellan March would forever remain loyal to Federated Suns and that he will fight him if tries to push his father's separatism on him. Prince Davion is satisfied with report and tell her that she done service he will never be able to repay. She asks only to keep her spying activities a secret because she loves him too much to have him hurt by an mistrust from his Uncle.[10]

On September 10th, during a late night visit with Doctor Riva Allard at New Avalon Institute of Science. Kym was talking about her feelings about being away from Morgan when "Liao Death Commandos" attack the lab.[11] She and Riva team up and try to fend off the Commandos breaking into the Lab intent on destroying the Helm Memory Core. In the midst of the fighting Kym jumps and tackles Riva out of way of a grenade. Kym is wounded and rendered unconscious by the blast Riva takes Kym's pistol and manages to kill their attackers before taking herself and Kym to cover.

Badly injured Dr. Banzai, of mercenary group Team Banzai personally oversaw the surgery that saved her life.[12]

Later in Life as Kym Sorenson Hasek-Davion[edit]

She and Morgan Hasek-Davion were married and she bore a son, George Hasek in 3030 on New Avalon.

She lost her husband 3060 to assassination while he was traveling to Huntress on the WarShip Invisible Truth.

In 3063, prior to invasion of New Syrtis was consistently badgering her son to re-marry since the death of his wife and son George Hasek Jr. She finally got her wish, but not in way she intended as she consistently tried to have him marry a "proper" wife.


Preceded by
Marie Davion-St. Claire
Duchess of New Syrtis
3030 – 30??

Succeeded by
Deborah Palu


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