Katherine Steiner (Individual Fox-class WarShip)

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Katherine Steiner
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Fox


Manufactured in the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards in the Alarion system, the Katherine Steiner was scheduled to be the fifth Fox-class corvette to enter service with the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces and was due to enter service as the LAS Katherine Steiner in 3066.[1] The FedCom Civil War delayed the completion and launch of the Katherine Steiner; at the end of the Civil War, only four operational Foxes were in service with the Lyran Alliance, the LAS Katrina Steiner, LAS Melissa Steiner, LAS Robert Kelswa and LAS Robert Marsden. Like her sister ship the LAS Ian McQuiston, the Katherine Steiner was scheduled for completion in 3068 when the Jihad erupted.[2]

The Katherine Steiner took part in Operation SCOUR during the Jihad, forming a part of Task Force EARTHBOUND during the liberation of Terra and was one of four Foxes to serve amidst the twenty-six WarShips of the task force - the other Foxes being the LAS Katrina Steiner, FSS Indomitable and FSS Admiral Michael Saille.[3]

The Katherine Steiner was one of just two Lyran Foxes to survive the Jihad, the other being the LAS Robert Marsden, and - given the poor state of repair the venerable Tharkad-class battlecruiser LAS Invincible was in at the time - one of only three combat-effective WarShips left to the Alliance.[4]

The Katherine Steiner and the Robert Marsden were no longer in service by 3145.[5]


Field Manual: Updates lists the LAS Katherine Steiner as being in service with the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces in 3067, and the LAS Katrina Steiner as still being under construction. This contradicts Field Manual: Lyran Alliance and the FedCom Civil War sourcebook which list the Katrina Steiner as the first Fox to be manufactured at the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards and as having fought during the Civil War. For this article, it has been assumed that Field Manual: Updates is in error.


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