LB 20-X AC

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LB 20-X AC
Production information
Type Ballistic (Direct/Cluster)
Tech Base Clan / Inner Sphere (IS)
Year Availability Clan = 2826 (CHH)[1]

IS = 3058[2][1][3]

Availability Ratings X[1]/X[1]/E[1]
Technical specifications
Heat Clan = 6[4]

IS = 6[5]

Damage Clan = 20 (slug)[4]
1/pellet (cluster)

IS = 20 (slug)[5]
1/pellet (cluster)

Minimum Range Clan = 0[4]

IS = 0[5]

Short Range Clan = 1-4[4]

IS = 1-4[5]

Medium Range Clan = 5-8[4]

IS = 5-8[5]

Long Range Clan = 9-12[4]

IS = 9-12[5]

Tons Clan = 12[4]

IS = 14[5]

Critical Slots Clan = 9[4]

IS = 11[5]

Ammo Per Ton Clan = 5

IS = 5

Cost (unloaded) Clan = 600,000

IS = 600,000[1]

Ammo Cost (per ton) Clan = 20,000 (slug)
34,000 (cluster)

IS = 20,000 (slug)
34,000 (cluster)

BV (2.0) Clan = 237, 30 (Ammo)[6]

IS = 237, 30 (Ammo)[7]


The LB 20-X AC is the autocannon with the largest bore that is capable of firing LB-X cluster rounds. Its slug round can deal a devastating 20 points of damage to any one location, while its shotgun-like cluster munitions deliver 20 different projectiles to its target, an effect that can be described as similar to a sandblasting. Unlike the lighter-bore LB-X autocannon, the battlefield specs of the 20-class are identical between the Inner Sphere and Clan versions, the only differences being in size and weight. The cluster munitions also make it easier to hit and acts as flak, making it lethal versus VTOLs. In addition, like other 20-class autocannon, the LB 20-X AC can be split among BattleMech locations.[2]


In the years between the Second Exodus and the beginning of Operation KLONDIKE the nascent Clans began development of what would become the LB 20-X. Experimental prototype versions of this new weapon were used during Operation KLONDIKE in small quantities. The Clan Prototype LB 20-X available during this period has identical stats to the Inner Sphere LB 20-X Autocannon, other than that it requires 1 additional critical slot, and when rolling on the Cluster Table to determine the number of hits from cluster munitions, a -1 modifier must be applied to the result, down to a minimum result of 2.[8]


The LB 20-X AC is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Defiance Disintegrator Hesperus II Defiance Industries  ??? [citation needed]
Flocculation Class 20 Ironhold Eagle Craft Group Wakazashi [9]
Imperator Atreus Imperator Automatic Weaponry  ??? [citation needed]
Shengli Victoria Shengli Arms  ??? [citation needed]
Type J LB-20X Unknown Unknown Oro [10]
Type Mu Unknown Unknown Thunder Stallion [11]

See Also[edit]

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