Lyran 'Mech Corporation

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Lyran 'Mech Corporation
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Fefferfer[1]
Primary Products BattleMechs[2][1]


During the Star League era the Lyran 'Mech Corporation was the second-largest BattleMech manufacturer in the Lyran Commonwealth.[2] Relatively little information is available on the company, but LMC had a major manufacturing facility producing BattleMechs and aerospace products on numerous Lyran worlds.[1]

While the second-largest 'Mech manufacturer in Lyran space, the company was not free from controversy; the Fourteenth Arcturan Guards were responsible for guarding a major LMC facility for more than a decade and received a significant percentage of the equipment LMC produced, up until the Commonwealth launched Operation CATALOG.[2] Operation CATALOG was a major operation to investigate and destroy a huge interstellar cartel or collection of super-cartels particularly active in the border regions of the Commonwealth abutting the Free Worlds League and Rim Worlds Republic, and identified wide-scale corruption, bribery and criminal activity across numerous worlds and involving a number of companies, planetary governments and military units.[3] Operation CATALOG uncovered that more than one in three of the personnel in the Fourteenth were actively involved in criminal activities, aiding local crime families in a range of criminal activities as well as blackmailing equally-corrupt company officials and providing groups believed to be pirates with smuggled military equipment.[2]

As of 2765 construction of then-new production complexes on the Lyran world Fefferfer were almost completed, the 'Mech and Aerospace Fighter lines being built there protected by the Thirty-Third Lyran Guards. Rumors at the time indicated that LMC had been soliciting the opinions of the warriors of the Thirty-Third on the the design of a new heavy or light assault class BattleMech.[1]


LMC operated as major manufacturing facility on Fefferfer[1] and at least one other major facility on another world.[2]


LMC has only been mentioned in one publication to date, Field Report 2765: LCAF, and appears to have been destroyed or subsumed during the Succession Wars. Fefferfer died during the Second Succession War, and it is unclear where the plant guarded by the Fourteenth Arcturan Guards was; the Fourteenth were garrisoning Nichol's Rest in 2765, but it is unlikely the LCAF High Command would have kept them on a planet with an LMC facility following Operation CATALOG.


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