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The faction list by Peter La Casse, colloquially known as the (Peter) La Casse (faction) list and by many similar names (often spelling his surname as a single word, with the 'c' occasionally capitalized—"LaCasse" or "Lacasse"), is a fan-made online resource for BattleTech.

The list is widely known (and used) throughout the fan base; even some BattleTech authors and developers have said they used it as a quick-reference resource for their work.[citation needed]

It became outdated over time as more and more additional units were published, and was eventually surpassed by another more detailed and more up-to-date fan project, the 3025-3050 Random Assignment Tables.

In 2011, Catalyst Game Labs published an official Master Unit List which is considered fully canonical, essentially supplanting the La Casse list with an official publication.


The list itself is a text (.txt) file listing factional availability of all types of BattleMechs, ProtoMechs, Battle Armor, vehicles, infantry types, Conventional Aircraft, Aerospace Fighters, DropShips, Small Craft, JumpShips, WarShips and Space Stations.
Besides availability to a given faction, it also lists the unit's Battle Value (BV 1.0 and BV 2.0), tonnage, cost, rules level, tech base and era.

A changelog and a FAQ section are also available from the Faction list directory. The last update date is given as 12 February 2007.


Being fan-made, the list itself is not canonical; instead, it is a collection of otherwise canonical data and thus a meta-source.

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