Lady Loon

Lady Loon
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Buccaneer

The Lady Loon was a Buccaneer-class merchant DropShip.

As of November 3072, it was landed at the airpad at Mekling on Galatea under captain Greggins. Captain Greggins agreed to evacuate the last two 'Mechs of the Last Knights mercenary unit, who were being hunted down by Word of Blake occupation forces on the planet, in exchange for them providing security to his implicitly illicit dealings. Nevvin Kerris, CO of the Last Knights, felt that it was obvious that the cargo Greggins took aboard before leaving the planet was stolen.[1]

On 26 November 3072 the Lady Loon escaped a firefight on the ground by taking off from the Mekling airstrip, with Kerris' Cestus and an affiliated Templar aboard. Two days later, it was already docked to the merchant JumpShip The InBetween at a pirate jump point in the Galatea system, bound for Alphecca and Carnwath after that.[1]


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