Lamenkov's Liability (Military Unit)

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Lamenkov's Liability
Unit Profile (as of 3085)
Parent Formation Errant Force
Republic Armed Forces
Formed Late Jihad[1]

Unit Description[edit]

The Lamenkov's Liability was a small Republic of the Sphere 'Mech force that was part of General Belle Lee's Errant Force.

Unit History[edit]

Formation and Early Years[edit]

In the years after the Jihad, the Republic of the Sphere suffered from various insurgencies and pirate raids too large warrent entire military regiment to tackle. The RAF High Command decided to assemble a number of lance size units to act as trouble shooters in these hot spots within the newly-formed Republic. The Lamenkov's Liability was formed under the command of Lt. Ilyena Lamenkov after losing her lance leader in the Battle of Sydney in 3078[2] during the Liberation of Terra. Lt. Lamenkov would take command of the newly formed Lance as part of Stone's Lament. The Lance would take part in the campaign to liberate the remaining Word of Blake Protectorate worlds and was involved in several skirmishes with House Liao forces. The unit self-sufficient actions would lead to them to be reassigned to General Belle Lee's Errant Force.[3]


In June of 3085, the Liability would be dispatched to the world of Schedar, where it was ordered to put down a well-armed but, minor insurgency. The Lance operated out of the Rander Communications Equipment facility, which would serve as their base of operations. On the second day of their mission, the Liability engaged a Trebuchet attacking a mining complex in the Luyten's Pan area. However, the situation turn out that insurgent group, the Schedar Enlightenment and Liberation Force (SELF), had prepared an ambush. SELF's force consisting of several 'Mechs and a mix of combat vehicles attacked the unsuspecting Republican lance. Lt. Lamenkov would order her force in fighting withdrawal but not before receiving considerable damage while they were trying to elude their pursuers. Once they had returned to base, they soon learned that SELF had Schedar's HPG compound blockaded.[4]

Planetary Governor Hamilton Rander provided little support during the crisis, as the planetary economy would become erratic from the interdiction of its HPG complex. Rander would offer little aid, including resources from Schedar's weakened Militia.[5]

After a month of fighting, the Lamenkov's Liability would conduct series of skirmishes to attempt to weaken SELF' assets and try to find its base of operation. Despite being cut off from the HPG and potential reinforcements from the Republic the Liability used innovation to get by. The unit received little help from Governor Rander, who had been exploiting the situation for political gain. The Liability would finally spot the insurgency's base in a cave system outside of the Sino Forest. SELF's surviving engages the Liability in the heavily wooded area. The Liability's skills prevailed and decimated SELF's military assets to the point that the organization had to cease their insurgency on Sheridan.[6]



As of 3085, the commanding officer was Lieutenant Ilyena Lamenkov.[7]

Composition History[edit]



Game Notes[edit]


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