Lancer (Individual Overlord-class DropShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Overlord


In 3059 the Overlord-class DropShip Lancer was one of the transport vessels in Task Force SERPENT, the force dispatched by the Second Star League on a covert mission to attack Clan Smoke Jaguar in the Clan Homeworlds while the allied forces launched Operation BULLDOG against the Smoke Jaguar Occupation Zone in the Inner Sphere.[1]

Commanded by Lieutenant-Commander Sally Guter, the Lancer was an Eridani Light Horse DropShip, and in addition to transporting the Eridani Light Horse, the Lancer - as one of the largest transport vessels in the Task Force - was also used to transport some of those Clan Ghost Bear personnel captured at the battle of Trafalgar who refused to swear a bond oath to the Task Force to exile on the most habitable planet in the system. The trip to the planet, dubbed Lee Shore by the commanding officer of Task Force SERPENT, Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion, took fourteen days and the sight of the lush garden world provoked a certain amount of resentment amongst the crew of the Lancer, who compared the founding of a new colony on such a benign planet unfavourably with their own immediate future.[2]


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