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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Leopard

The Langschwert ("Longsword") under Captain Braun[1] was one of two Leopard-class DropShips (along with the Lion-class William Wallace) that carried elements of the 1st company, 3rd battalion of the Royal Black Watch, from Engadin to Icar for extended training maneuvers in January 2598; the other Leopard was the Stolz der Schotten.[2]

Tensions between the Royal Black Watch and local militia units erupted into open fighting on 9 February 2598. Grounded outside a militia base, the Langschwert and Stolz der Schotten, being aerodyne DropShips, could not take off because their runways were blocked,[3] and were subsequently captured.[4] (The William Wallace, being a spheroid design with vertical lift-off capability, escaped.)


Being mentioned only in an apocryphal source (the German-only novel Wahnsinn und Methode), the Langschwert must consequentially be considered apocryphal as well.


  • The Langschwert and the Stolz der Schotten are repeatedly mentioned as a pair of Leopards. However, one news item from a highly unreliable broadcasting company explicitly described the three Star League vessels as a Lion, a Leopard and a Leopard CV.[5] This may have been a misreporting, or the Leopard CV was yet another ship; but there is also the off chance that either the Langschwert or the Stolz der Schotten were in fact a Leopard CV-class DropShip.


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