Lars Magnusson

Lars Magnusson
Affiliation House Magnusson
Clan Ghost Bear

Lars Magnusson (b. 3112[1] - d. 3???) is the Galaxy Commander of Alpha Galaxy and first-generation spawn of Ragnar Magnusson.

Character History[edit]

Lars grew up knowing that in his blood was the rank of nobility. The Ghost Bear in him rejected the idea of his class of nobility, but his aptitude for politics recognized the potential of his blood could have in interstellar relations.[1]

During his Trial of Position, Lars was able to defeat two opponents which gave him the rank of Star Commander where he was assigned to Alpha Galaxy. Due to Devlin Stone and his actions for peace within the Inner Sphere, Lars saw very little action and the fighting he did see was mostly just raids between the neighboring Clan Occupation Zones.[1]

In 3134, an unexpected opportunity arose which allowed Lars to participate in a Trial of Bloodright in which he ultimately won his Bloodname.[1]

Due to being a descendant of Rasalhagian nobility and being newly Bloodnamed, Khan Dalia Bekker selected Lars to join her entourage to Terra to pay their respects at the funeral of Victor Steiner-Davion. It was at the funeral where Lars was able to shelve his warrior nature and bond with other nobles of the Inner Sphere on a personal level. It was due to these bonds that Lars fought against both the Capellans and the rebellious Senate before the Ghost Bears returned to the Rasalhague Dominion.[1]

After Gray Monday, Alpha Galaxy was one of the galaxies that was sent into Prefecture I in order to stabilize the situation, they were stationed on Alrakis.[1]

Upon returning to Orestes by the order of the Khan, Lars participated in a Trial of Position and won the rank of Galaxy Commander of Alpha Galaxy.[1]


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