Hellbore Assault Laser

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The Hellbore Assault Laser is a twin-barreled, man-portable laser infantry support weapon for anti-vehicle use. Created by ComStar, the weapon is unique for incorporating Lostech from the Star League era in its design, making it comparable to weapons used by the Star League Defense Force.[1]

Two major drawbacks limit its utility, however. Despite an extensive cooling system, the heat from firing the Hellbore still threatens to cause enough damage to render the weapon useless. Second, the energy required to fire the Hellbore means it will quickly drain a standard power pack. To remedy these defects, the weapon is usually powered by a military-grade power pack, and shots fired alternate between the two barrels, allowing for sufficient cool-down time.[1]



Item:Hellbore Assault Laser
Equipment Rating: E/X-X-E/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 6E/6
Range: 60/205/465/1100 meters
Shots: 10 Power Points per Shot
Cost/Reload: 2500/*
Affiliation: CS
Mass/Reload: 10kg/*
Notes: Encumbering



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