Laser Insulator


Introduced in 2575 by the Terran Hegemony, the Laser Insulators were an advanced heat sink first used in the SLDF's Chippewa fighter. The laser bays in the fighter's wings were insulated from its superstructure and core systems with robust, lightweight aerogel blankets. While providing the equivalent of two standard heat sinks at a fraction of the weight, the primary drawback of the system was that it trapped the heat close to the source rather than allowing it to flow through the entire fighter to act as a thermal mass. This meant the weapons suffered frequent failure from overheating.[1]

While the Clans retained access to this technology when it was lost in the collapse of the Star League, it did not see widespread use.


Game Rules[edit]

Heat output of lasers are reduced by one for each insulator, to a minimum of 1. Each insulated laser has a chance to receive a critical hit if they roll a 2 on an unmodified attack roll. Laser Insulators have negligible mass and do not occupy additional space, but only a single insulator may be installed on a single laser.[1]


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