Ebony Assault Laser Rifle

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Ebony Assault Laser Rifle


The Ebony Assault Rifle is a Pulse Laser rifle produced by the Magistracy of Canopus for the Ebon Magistrate and their Assault Commandos. Designed for flexibility during covert operations and built on a shock-resistant polymer frame, the Ebony rifle fires an all-but-invisible laser beam, while the use of an adjustable focusing matrix allows the range and power of the beam to be changed in the field. The weapon is almost exclusive for members of the Ebon Magistrate only.[1][2]



Item: Ebony Assault Rifle
Equipment Rating: F/X-X-E/F
Armor Piercing/Base Damage:
Standard Mode: 4E/3
High-Power Mode: 5E/4
Extended-Rage Mode: 3E/2
Standard Mode: 50/160/350/700 meters
High-Power Mode: 65/200/475/1000 meters
Extended-Range Mode: 80/260/610/1200 meters
Power Points per Shot:
Standard Mode: 8
High-Power Mode: 12
Extended Range Mode: 4
Cost/Reload: 8500/-
Affiliation: MC
Mass/Reload: 10kg/-
Notes: Simple Action to Change Setting



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