League Central Coordination and Command


These planing staff is considered as the High Command for the entire FWLM and is located on Marik. They have following task:

- give orders to the District Commanders
- secure the supplies for large military operations
- manage captured planets and wachted over all military installations
- work close with Captain General together


Minister of Defense[edit]

  • General Iago Hang
=>Administrator of entire League forces

Director of Intelligence[edit]

  • Admiral Heather Alexander
=> they smoth the operations of the intelligence branch in/outside of the league
=> responsible for liberation units

Quartermaster General[edit]

=> oversees all military academies
=> responsible for new recruits
=> coordinate all logistical measures

Chief Armorer[edit]

  • Admiral Adam Tam
=>overwatch all steps for new equipment from development until final production run
=>weapons science and the Warships are also includes
=>liaises with Word of Blake technicians

Occupation Liaison Officer[edit]

  • General Rose Schrank
=> coordinates all task with the integration of "liberated" territories

Government Liaison Officer[edit]

  • General Mike Webster
=> all contacts from Capellan and WoB sides is coordinated by this commander

Outer Circle[edit]

  • Director of SAFE: Wilson Cherenkov
  • District-Marshal Dieudonne: Marshal Anne-Marie Van Creveld
  • District-Marshal Oriente: Marshal Johannes Wade
  • District-Marshal Ryerson: Marshal Albrecht Kiel
  • District-Marshal Tamarind: Marshal Jeremy Brett
  • FWL Fleet: Admiral Grace Jakes

These six members are advisors to the LCCC. [1]


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