Lee Shore

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Lee Shore
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Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

Located in an unnamed star system in the Deep Periphery, the planet Lee Shore was populated as a side-effect of the first WarShip engagement to be fought by WarShips from the Inner Sphere in almost two centuries. On the 15th of December 3059[2] the Second Star League task force known as Task Force SERPENT was following a covert route to the Clan Homeworlds when it encountered a Clan Ghost Bear convoy[3] consisting of a trio of WarShips - the Congress-class frigate CGB Shining Claw and two Whirlwind-class destroyers, the CGB Fire Fang and CGB Ursus - and the Invader-class JumpShip CGB Winter Wind.[4] The convoy was transporting scores of civilians in a number of attached DropShips that the Ghost Bears were relocating to the Inner Sphere.[5]

The battle was a victory for Task Force SERPENT; while the Winter Wind was permanently disabled and the Ursus destroyed, the Fire Fang surrendered in a repairable state and the Shining Claw surrendered after taking crippling damage. The Task Force SERPENT report also indicated that two damaged Union-C-class DropShips were recovered, as well as the Broadsword-class DropShip CGB Ice Dart.[6]

While some of those Ghost Bear personnel and civilians captured at the battle of Trafalgar sword bond oaths to Task Force SERPENT, many refused. The commander of the Task Force, Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion, decided that those who refused to swear a bond oath should be exiled on the most inhabitable world in the system; he dubbed the planet Lee Shore, and the largest transport vessels in the Task Force spent seven days transporting them to the planet, and another seven travelling back to the Task Force. Lee Shore was discovered to be a thickly-forested garden world, and while the Clansmen were abandoned with only basic tools, the site of the lush and fertile world caused a certain amount of resentment amongst those transporting them, a result of the comparison between the prospects for founding a colony on the world compared to the Task Force's combat-filled immediate future.[1]


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