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After the Andurien Secession the Humphreys Training Academy became the Legionary Training Academy under the control of the Free Worlds Legions. After 10 years of standstill the institute was revitalized in 3 years and opened its doors in 3051 again. The students were strictly screened by SAFE members and the graduates were assigned solely to the Free Worlds Legionnaires. This fact made the Legionnaires self-reliant in terms of replacement personnel.[1]

After the dissolution of the Free Worlds League during the Jihad, the Duchy of Andurien reclaimed the Legionary Training Academy and returned it to its former name. Despite the Duchy was lacking significant battle armor and aerospace production, relying on trade to acquire enough new equipment to replace losses, the Duchy from seriously considering expanding the training programmes offered by the Humphreys Training Academy to include training in these areas, using experienced personnel from the Andurien Rangers as instructors.[2]


Only students who are classified as low risk by the SAFE can get and who pass the usual mental/physical test also get entrance.[1]

Basic Training[edit]

The basic of survival, small arms use and physical fitness are teached in the first six months. To foster camaraderie under the students the instructors put each class through a series of field exercises know as "shared hell". The discipline is lesser as on other academies.[1]

Advanced Individual Training[edit]

While the Academy offers a wide range of field to study many of the Legionary troops are cross trained (one primary MOS with a second subsidiary). The academy commanders argue this enhances the battlefield performance, because they know the difficulty of the other branch.[1]


The harsh exercises are used to form a relationship between the cadets and the instructor. The other goal is to break down the cultural/regional prejudices and to install loyalty to the Legions (the FWL as a whole) above else. Nearly 40 percent of the entrants leave the academy, as a result of the field exercises. MechWarriors who cannot accept the Legion's successful combined arms doctrine either dropped out or were transferred to less specialized academies.[1]


The Legions became the new family for the graduates. They replaced combat losses or formed the core of new Legions.[1]


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