Leviathan (Heavy Transport)

Leviathan Heavy Transport.jpg
Leviathan Heavy Transport
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Ghost Bear
Introduced 3055[1]
Production Year 3055[2]
Use Armored Transport
Tech Base Clan Advance
Cost 27,946,204,000 Cbills
Technical specifications
Mass 2,400,000
Length 1,623m
Sail Diameter 1,560m
Fuel 15,000 tons (37,500 points)
Burn Rate 253.4 Days
Safe Thrust 1 g
Top Thrust 1.5 g
Sail Integrity 9
KF Drive Integrity 45
LF Battery yes
Armament 1x Heavy Naval Gauss
4x Medium Naval Gauss
4x Medium Naval PPCs
6x NAC/30s
8x NL55s
6x AR-10 Launchers
16x Gauss Rifles
10x ER PPCs
40x ER Large Lasers
20x Large Pulse Lasers
40x ER Medium Lasers
35x Medium Pulse Lasers
18x Streak SRM 6
20x AMS
Armor Ferro-Carbide Armor
DropShip Capacity 8
Crew 166 Officers
834 enlisted/non-rated
225 Elemental troopers
250,000 passengers
Grav Decks 8 Decks in total
6 x 95 meter size desks
2 x 185 meters size decks
Escape Pods/Life Boats 30,000
Heat Sinks 1,500 (3,000)
Structural Integrity 110
BV (1.0) 128,885[1]
BV (2.0)


[edit] Description

Brainchild of Clan Ghost Bear Khans Normian Tseng and Ursula Jorgensson, they authorized the creation of a new class of WarShip. In the tradition of the Ghost Bear Clan, they ordered the ship to be largest Battleship ever built. However, the scientists of Clan Ghost Bear struggled to overcome the technical hurdles of designing such a ship. Ultimately, the Bears turned to their long time allies, the Snow Ravens. In exchange for rights to asteroid mineral resources, the Ravens agreed to help them conceive what became the Leviathan.[3]

Construction of the two ships began in 3042; this turned out to be a slow process. However, after the Battle of Tukayyid, the Ghost Bear Khans came to the decision that would change the course of their history. The Khans decided it would be best relocate the entire Ghost Bear Clan to their Inner Sphere occupation zone. To keep the operation a secret, two incomplete Leviathans would be commissioned as heavy transports to help with the move.[3]

By 3055, the two ships became operational and began the exodus that would result in the successful relocation of the entire Clan Ghost Bear population to the Inner Sphere. After the operation was completed, the ships were scheduled to be converted their intended military configuration as Heavy Battleships. However, the Combine-Ghost Bear War and Clan Nova Cat's failed Trial of Possession for the incomplete Rasalhague disrupted those plans. [4]

[edit] Weapons and Equipment

[edit] Weapons

The ship's weaponry is aligned light capital weaponry while providing significant amount of anti-spacecraft defense.

It principle capital weapons are list here by section; on the Bow or Front of the ship has; a single Heavy Naval Gauss Rifle, with two NAC/35s, two Medium Naval PPCs, and rounded out with an AR-10 Launcher with access to 25 Killer Whales, 50 White Sharks, and 100 Barracuda capital missiles. Standard Weaponry for the bow/front includes; Eight Gauss Rifles with 600 rounds, Cluster of 10 Extended Range & Pulse Large Lasers coupled with cluster of Medium grade lasers of same weapon types. The Bow protected by 5 Anti-Missile Systems with 1000 rounds ammunition share between them.

On both Front Right and Left sections; there mounted a single Medium Naval Laser, Naval Auto Cannon 30, and AR-10 Launcher with same payload of missiles as the bow. Standard weaponry includes; 10 Extended Range Medium Lasers, with half many Pulse models, 3 Streak 6 SRM Launchers with 600 missiles, and five AMS with 1000 rounds of ammo.

The ship's broadside carries a single Medium Naval PPC and AR-10 Launcher with identical payload as the bow. Also standard weaponry on each broadside includes; 5 Extended Range PPCs, 10 ER Large Lasers, 5 Large and Medium Pulse Lasers, and 6 LRM20 launchers with Artemis IV with 600 missiles shared between them.

The Aft Left & Right section like wise have single Naval Auto Cannon 30 and AR-10 launcher with same payload as the bow. In standard weapons include; Mix of Extended Range and Pulse type Medium Lasers, Three SRM 6 Streak Launchers with 300 Rounds between them, and 5 Anti-Missile Systems with hundred rounds of ammo.

In Aft section of the ship, the ship has only pair of Medium Naval PPCs for capital grade weaponry with only AR-10 launcher. Providing anti-aerospace craft defense the ship has; eight Gauss Rifles with 600 rounds of ammo, cluster of Large and Medium grade Pulse Lasers, 10 Extend Range Medium Lasers, and 5 Anti-missile Systems with 1000 rounds between them.

[edit] Equipment

The ship is noted to have its own Hyperpulse Generator communication system and lithium-fusion batteries. The ship slowly moves at maximum thrust factor of 3, while burning 39.52 tons of fuel a day. Its fuel bunker contains over 15,000 tons of fuel, to keep the ship going on its long voyages between Clan space and the Inner Sphere. The ship is protected by over 1,538 tons of Ferro-carbide armor and has structural integrity of 110.

[edit] Cargo

  • Bay 1: Aerospace Fighter (20) - 2 Doors
  • Bay 2: Small Craft (20) - 4 Doors
  • Bay 3: Passengers - 20 Doors
  • Bay 4: Cargo (322,930 tons) - 10 Doors

[edit] Variants

  • Leviathan Heavy Battleship - The original configuration conceived by the Ghost Bear science caste. However, was put off over need to move the Clan population. After founding of the Ghost Bear Dominion, the Clan started construction a new Leviathan-class ship as Heavy Battleship. All other units of the class would follow suit, if no further interruptions accured.[5]

[edit] Named Vessels

(See also Category:Individual Leviathan-class WarShips)

  • Leviathan -Lead ship of the class, layed down in 3042, completed as Transport in 3055. The ship along with its sister ship, Great Bear, used to for moving of the Clan population to the Inner Sphere. Ship's conversion to its original Heavy Battleship configuration was delayed by the attack of the Clan Nova Cats in 3066.
  • Great Bear -Sistership of the Leviathan, layed down at same time as Leviathan as Transport. It was involved moving of Ghost Bear population to the Inner Sphere.
  • Rasalhague -Build in orbiting Alshain Shipyards, the ship was damaged during construction in 3066. Ship was completed by early years of the Jihad as Leviathan II Heavy Battleship.

[edit] Notes

[edit] References

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